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Autism Mom and Chemist Wrote on the Side, Becomes a Writer with a Little Chemistry On the Side

I've written since I could hold a crayon. While raising two sons with autism, and engaged in a chemistry career, I used writing as both a coping mechanism and a mission to help others. Part of that mission was writing special needs cookbooks, one of which was distributed by the Autism Research Institute. Over the past few years, having passed the continuing development of my technology on to others, I've transitioned to a second career as a full time writer. My current novel, Dark Awakening, is published by Snow Leopard. My short stories are in anthologies from Centum Publishing. I have a novella called Galapagos Finches, on  Smashwords.com.  Both Dark Awakening and my cookbooks are available on Amazon.com. The sequel to Dark Awakening is due out from Snow Leopard, this year. Autism is a strong theme in almost all of my writing. My characters are drawn from decades of experience, and crafted with respect and love. Check out my page on Amazon.

My writing roots

My grandmother gave me a notebook when I was six. I started filling it with poetry, then moved up to short stories. I wrote my first novella at the age of twelve. Writing  has always been both a safe haven and a way to relate to the world.  Whatever I was doing, a story was always on a pad on my desk, in my typewriter, or on my computer. Much of my writing has been for the purpose of helping others, and I've never abandoned that mission. That has been especially true of my cookbooks. 

My Books

My aim is to be as reader friendly as possible. I have no wish to demonstrate the breadth of my vocabulary, or how impressive my prose can be. My primary purpose is to communicate with my reader, whether about a recipe that can actually be followed, or to tell a story. Even when writing fiction, I research facts as much as possible, to avoid pulling the reader out of the story, to ponder doubtful details. I hate tropes, and try my best to avoid them. I hope to provide characters that are fresh, surprising, but easy to know and love. My e-book that clearly reflects the tenor of the times is Galapagos Finches. In fear of technological proficiency, Aspies are sent to prison. Just for fun, and a little salaciousness, explore the musings of Mop and Broom: Unnoticed Voyeurs of the Eighth Precinct. 


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About My Books

An Autistic Vampire

Dark Awakenings is a book that springs from both my heart for autism and an affection for vampires. Grayson is vampire unlike any other. You will cheer for him, his love, and his battles, every step of the way. Find it here.

Fighting Back

Galapagos Finches is a novella that explores a dystopian future where fear of technological superiority causes those with the savant skills that can accompany autism, to be thrown in prison. A family fights against religious and political forces and a new society is born. Preview it here.

Food Without Fear

Recipes for those with special nutritional needs that may accompany autism and other  challenges --- with love. Try what actually tastes good to the autistic palate.